Why Buy From Us?

Since we opened our doors in 1965, tens of thousands of restaurateurs, just like you, have depended on us to meet their restaurant supply needs. Working digigently to provide you outstanding service, the lowest prices and the very best merchandise, we offer the best values anywhere – on the web or on the phone. Providing you with the best customer service in the industry is, by far, our most important mission. Additionally, we offer two convenient ways to buy: online or on the phone. Here are a few of the reasons that make us the very best in the business and why you should buy from us:

Expert Product Consultants
Our product consultants are specially groomed to make your shopping experience as easy as possible. We are not in this business to make a sale, we are here to create a satisfied customer. That is why we strive to make sure that your purchasing decision is a carefully informed one. We will tell you more about the products you want to buy than anyone else in the business. Our consultants not only answer your questions, they offer expert advice and will help you decide which product best meets your needs within your budget.

State-of-the-Industry Shipping
Shipping is our life's blood. We have specialized in fast, reliable delivery since 1987. If we do not process your order immediately and ship it to you as soon as is humanly and electronically possible we lose money. And you lose faith in our ability to serve you. That is why we ship more than 95-percent of our merchandise within the same day of receiving your order. From the industry’s finest, full-computerized warehouse facility, we are able to ship huge volumes of merchandise at a rate that is unsurpassed in the industry. No other company will process your order faster and get it to you quicker and with more customer care than us.

An Easy Online Shopping Experience
Although we are preaching to the choir - after all, you are using our web site so you know how interactive we are - we cannot help but emphasize how hard we work to ensure that your buying experience is as close to an in-store scenario as is virtually possible. Plus, we have all the “hard to find” items and make it simple for you to find them! Our incomparable expertise at web site management drives a unique customer experience and has catapulted us to incredible success within the industry – we are the most widely recognized consumer electronics catalog on the globe. In fact, we are the world’s third most visited computer hardware site on the Internet. Yet we have created the most convenient, content-rich site in the computer and electronics world, loaded with information and the very best photography in the business. In fact, we have a huge photographic studio and a full-time staff consisting of some of the best digital photographers on the globe to take pictures of every item we sell.

We See Things Through Both the Manufacturers’ and Your Eyes
Not only are we one of the world's leading sellers of computer and electronics products, we manufacturer several lines of best selling PCs and accessories. We are intimately engaged in both sides of the selling equation. Therefore, we know what goes into a sale. We know that customer service is even more important than product quality. We care passionately about most, but more so about meeting your demands and exceeding your expectations.