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What is Spun Poly?

Spun Poly or otherwise known as Spun Polyester is made by spinning 100% polyester fibers into yarns. These yarns are then taken and made into thread which consists of two or three ply constructions.

One thing to realize about spun poly is that it is not all created equal. The spun poly threads can be created in two different ways. The first and less quality way is by using a ring twisting machine which can cause imperfections in the thread. The second way to create the threads is by using a 2 to 1 twisting technology which reduces thread and needle breaks. KNG only uses the 2 to 1 technology to ensure the highest quality material.

Why Choose Spun Poly Vs. Poly Cotton

Choosing the right material for your restaurants apparel can be a little confusing. This is why we decided to break down the benefits of spun poly versus Poly Cotton.

Spun Poly is guaranteed to last twice as long as Poly Cotton. If you have the seemingly impossible task of evaluating apron quality, here is a frustration saving solution for you. Look at lint trapped after 100% cotton or a Poly Cotton apron has been dried. Those little fibers are from the apron. After a few washings, the apron needs to be replaced. Not so with the new Spun Poly aprons.

Spun Poly does not require ironing. Never worry about your wait staff coming in with wrinkled clothes ever again. Spun Poly will look the same if it has been sitting in the dryer for a week or just pulled out of the dryer. This way you can ensure your staff looks great all the time.

Spun Poly does not shrink. By using Spun Poly you will not have to worry about one of your staff drying his or her uniform at the wrong temperature and reducing the size of their uniform or apron. Spun Poly will stay the same size if you have washed it 1 or 100 times.

Spun Poly has greater wash-ability. The last thing you want is your staff to look like they are wearing a uniform that they have had since they were a kid. Spun Poly is going to keep its color twice as long as Poly Cotton and resist breakdown. Poly Cotton fibers rub on each other and breakdown during every wash. This is what causes your lint traps to fill up. Spun Poly is almost like plastic and can take the abrasion of the washing cycle much better.

Spun Poly has color-fast material that doesn't stain like Poly Cotton. Nothing makes a restaurant look worse than having a staff with stains all over their uniforms. This is why the plastic like fibers of Spun Poly is so great because it will not stain as easily as Poly Cotton. Poly Cotton acts like a sponge when something is spilt on it. Spun Poly will not only resist stains much better but when you do get a stain it is much easier to remove in Spun Poly compared to Poly Cotton.

Looks, breathes, and feels better than Poly Cotton. At KNG we realize that our opinion doesn't mean anything if the customer doesn't feel the same. This is why we asked our customers directly what they thought of the Spun Poly versus the Poly Cotton. Every time the customer preferred the Spun Poly over the Poly Cotton. Time and time again customers claimed that it felt lighter, more comfortable, and fit better.

In the end Spun Poly may be a little more up front but will last twice as long as Poly Cotton and looks great the entire time.

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