Grey Short Sleeve Womens T-Shirts

In an active line of work, staying comfortable is just as important as looking good. Now, with KNG's grey short sleeve t-shirts, this goal is both easy and affordable to achieve. Their simple, uncompromising design has made grey t-shirts a classic for decades, and now this look can bring the perfect touch to your business. If you're looking for a combination of subtlety, elegance, and comfort, this could be the perfect shirt. KNG's Lowest Price Guarantee and 90 Day Risk-Free Trial makes this a deal that is hard to pass up. Contact them today and recieve friendly service and fast shipping.

  • Easily customized with screen printed designs or logos
  • Low maintenance and comes out of the laundry looking great
  • Wrinkle resistant to keep active employees looking professional
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Uniform FAQs

Custom Logos

(8k stitches)*

1+$18.00 each
6+$10.25 each
12+$6.50 each
24+$5.10 each
72+$3.89 each
144+$2.99 each
288+$2.78 each

Name Drops

1+$2.91 each

Text Only

(3” to 8”)*

1+$9.19 - $10.19 each
6+$5.20 - $6.20 each
12+$4.57 - $5.57 each
24+$3.10 - $4.10 each
72+$2.36 - $3.36 each
144+$2.15 - $3.15 each
288+$2.05 - $3.05 each

*$.20 per 1,000 additional stitches

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