Grey T-Shirts

Whether you are in need of something for your event staff, culinary experts or other professionals to wear, KNG has it all. Our high quality grey t-shirts are contoured to fit both men and women to provide a flattering fit. Our t-shirts are easy to care for since they resist stains, fading, shrinking and stretching.

Order your uniforms and t-shirts with our 90 Day Risk-Free Trial. Experience firsthand how affordable and convenient our kitchen, event and culinary clothing is for your business.

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Uniform FAQs

Custom Logos

(8k stitches)*

1+$17.95 each
6+$9.75 each
12+$6.20 each
24+$4.85 each
72+$3.70 each
144+$2.85 each
288+$2.65 each

Text Only

(3” to 8”)*

1+$10.15 each
6+$4.95 - $6.35 each
12+$4.35 - $5.75 each
24+$2.95 - $4.35 each
72+$2.25 - $3.65 each
144+$2.05 - $3.45 each
288+$1.95 - $3.35 each

*$.20 per 1,000 additional stitches

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