White Short Sleeve Womens Sport Shirts

Although color tends to make your staff stand out, white almost always draws the eyes of passersby. KNG’s line of womens white short sleeve sport shirts are the perfect balance of casual and professional. We offer material varieties like jersey knit, cotton, and even a silk touch fabric. Choose from button or non-button varieties to suit your needs.

Our womens shirts are designed to be comfortable on the female form. They are also rather easy to take care of and last for a long time even with frequent laundering. Make your staff’s shirts stand out more with some custom embroidery from our branding team. You’re sure to distinguish your brand with these pristine shirts and the right logo.

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Uniform FAQs

Custom Logos

(8k stitches)*

1+$18.00 each
6+$10.25 each
12+$6.50 each
24+$5.10 each
72+$3.89 each
144+$2.99 each
288+$2.78 each

Name Drops

1+$2.91 each

Text Only

(3” to 8”)*

1+$9.19 - $10.19 each
6+$5.20 - $6.20 each
12+$4.57 - $5.57 each
24+$3.10 - $4.10 each
72+$2.36 - $3.36 each
144+$2.15 - $3.15 each
288+$2.05 - $3.05 each

*$.20 per 1,000 additional stitches

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