Long Sleeve Mens Dress Shirts

Maintaining a classic appearance is essential in many workplaces. Fortunately, KNG's men's long sleeve dress shirts offer a professional look to a number of business. Our shirts are available in a variety of fabrics to suit your needs, and the wrinkle-resistant finish means shirts require minimal care.

For a truly bold look, make use of our in-house customization service to outfit your items with brand logos and other options. Thanks to our Lowest Price Guarantee, virtually every workplace can find items suited to their exact budget constraints.

  • Fast Shipping gets your order there on time
  • Durable fabrics can withstand rugged conditions
  • Shirts come in many great styles

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Uniform FAQs

Custom Logos

(8k stitches)*

1+$18.00 each
6+$10.25 each
12+$6.50 each
24+$5.10 each
72+$3.89 each
144+$2.99 each
288+$2.78 each

Name Drops

1+$2.91 each

Text Only

(3” to 8”)*

1+$9.19 - $10.19 each
6+$5.20 - $6.20 each
12+$4.57 - $5.57 each
24+$3.10 - $4.10 each
72+$2.36 - $3.36 each
144+$2.15 - $3.15 each
288+$2.05 - $3.05 each

*$.20 per 1,000 additional stitches

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