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Simple Steps to Typeset Your Menu in Microsoft Word

1.Open a NEW Document in Microsoft Word
2.Navigate to: File/Page Setup
 A. Click on the "Paper" tab.
  - For 8.5x11 paper size, choose "Letter" (Arrow A). For 11x14 paper size, choose "Legal" (Arrow B).
 B Click on the "Margins" tab.
  - Set the top & bottom margins to 1 inch, and the left & right margins to .75 inches.
 - Set the Orientation to "Portrait".
 C. Click
3.Select the Font for your headings
 A. Make sure the "Formatting" toolbar is active. (Click View/Toolbars, make sure "Formating" is checked.)
B. Click the arrow next to the font to see a list of available typesetyles
 C. Click on the font you would like to use for your headings.
D. Click on the button on the formatting toolbar to indicate bold lettering for the heading. (You can also select Italic and/or Underline .)
4.Type the title of your page(Example: Lunch Menu) and hit Enter.
 (For a two column menu, continue to step 5. If you prefer just 1 column, go to step 6)
5.Click on Format/Columns
A. Select 2 Columns
B. Set width at 2.75" and spacing at .5". (You can come back and adjust these settings at a later time if needed.)
C. Check the "Equal Column Width" box.
D. Under "Apply To" select "This point forward".
6.Type the title of your meal and press Enter
7.Define the font size/style for the descriptions of your meals
 (Refer to step 3 for instructions on how to change your font. See Typesetting Tips for more information.)
8.Type your meal description and price and press Enter
9.Press Enter a 2nd time to put space between your meals.
10.Type the title of your next meal
 A.To type the title of your next meal, select the font for your heading using the "Style" menu. It will probably be labeled according to the font name and style you previously used. Example: If you selected Tahoma Bold 14 pt for your headings in step 3, it would probably appear in your style menu like this:
11.Repeat Steps 6-9 to complete your page
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