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How to print your KNG Business Cards or Menus

Each sheet contains eight business cards, 2"x3.5"each.
Their full bleed format allows you to print to the edge of the card.
1.Test Print
 - Check your work by printing your design on plain paper. Hold the printed paper in front of the full color business card sheet to make sure the text aligns to your satisfaction. - If you are happy with the layout, continue to step 2. If not, make adjustments as necessary to your file, and try this step again.
2.Determine how to load your printer
 - To determine if your printer prints Face Up or Face Down make a "test" sheet out of one piece of plain paper. Write the word "UP" along the edge of one of the shorter sides. This is the "leading edge" of the sheet. Draw a large arrow in the center of the page pointing to the word "UP".
 - Place the test sheet in your paper tray (Use a Manual Feed tray, if available) with the "leading edge" of the sheet facing towards the printer.
- Print your "Test"
- Does your design appear on the same side as the word "UP"?

- Yes - Your printer prints FACE UP
- No - Your printer prints FACE DOWN

- Does your design appear going the same direction as the word "UP"?

- Yes - Your printer prints LEADING EDGE IN
- No - Your printer prints LEADING EDGE OUT
3.Test on Business Card Paper
 - Next place 1 sheet of Business Card paper in your tray, Face Up or Face Down, as determined in step 1, and Leading Edge In, or Leading Edge Out, as determined in step 1.
- If the card prints correctly, continue to step 4. If not, re-evaluate your answers to step 2.
4.Final Print
 - Print the remaining cards desired.
5.Separate your business cards
 - After printing is dry, fold back and forth along perforation to separate the business cards neatly and easily.
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