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Menu Cover Care

Rule 1: Cleaning

Use Quaternary Cleaner (Quat)

• Common disinfectant made by Clorox, Lysol and SC Johnson Professional

• Least harmful to all components of the menu cover

• Provides excellent cleaning properties for oils and fingerprints

• Leaves very little residue behind, which reduces streaking

Use Diluted Solution of Dish Soap or Shampoo Mixed with Water

Do Not Use Citrus Cleaners, Bleach, Peroxide, Vinegar or Ammonia

• Damages thread and binding integrity, weakening the menu covers

• Large bumps may appear

• Plastic parts may become brittle

• Significant streaking and discoloration likely

• Foil may etch away

Rule 2: Handling

Be Gentle Loading Inserts

Be Gentle Stacking Menus

• Take care not to whack the corners of one menu with your other menus

Do Not Fold Backwards

Rule 3: Storing

Store in Temperature Controlled Location

• Prevents cracking and warping

• Discourages material deterioration and discoloration

• Ideal temperature is one that is comfortable to you and your customers

Store Flat in Small Stacks

• Stacks should not touch each other

• Avoids scratches and abrasion to binding

• Prevents lost corners

Do Not Store in Direct Sunlight

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