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5 Ways Menu Covers Save You Money

At KNG we understand that times are tough and money is tight. One way to look at purchasing menu covers is looking at the amount of money that can be saved. Here are five ways that new menu covers can save you money.

• Menu covers lower the printing costs because you are able to print whatever page that needs to be changed on your own printer.
• Menu covers give restaurant owners the ability to respond quickly to changing food prices. If you have to wait 30 days because food prices increased 5%, you could lose about $100 dollars a day, $3,000 for the thirty days.
• Menu covers attract new customers and increase the frequency of visits of existing customers. They do this by giving your restaraunt more opportunities to give a fresh look to a tired, out-of-date menu.
• Menu covers give you the ability to have quick, frequent communication with customers about special-event promotions.
• Menu covers give you more opportunities to test:
• Prices
- Highlighting of high gross profit items.
• Repositioning of items within a food group
• New items for customers' changing tastes.
• It is more important than ever to get the most out of every dollar spent as a business owner these days. That is why menu covers are great because such a small investment can have huge impacts.

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