3/4 Sleeve Womens Chef Coats

Finding a chef coat with a comfortable sleeve length isn’t always easy. Short sleeve coats are comfortable and cool, but do not offer much protection from grease splatters or hot objects. Full-length sleeves offer great protection, but may be less comfortable, or too hot. We offer women’s chef coats in a ¾ sleeve length for optimal comfort and protection.

Three-quarter sleeves are available on our classic white, black, and active chef coats, so you can get the comfort you want in a variety of styles. Our Lowest Price Guarantee will let you know that you are getting the best value possible.

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Chef Wear FAQs

Specifically designed to send up to the rigors of any commercial kitchen. 100% Spun Polyester lasts nearly twice as long as poly cotton blends, yet feels and breathes like pure cotton. It's has stain-resistant properties and will never fade, even after hundreds of washes.

• Breathable
• Non-Fading
• Stain-Resistant

Machine wash. Tumble dry. Do not wash with other 100% cotton garments to avoid pilling.

We can do custom color-ways starting at approximately 3,000 coats in assorted sizes (extended lead-time required)

No. However Cotton is more combustible than polyester. It ignites easily and burns rapidly, leaving behind a light ash residue. Polyester resists ignition but once ignited, it melts and causes severe localized burns. The fire hazard is also high with cotton/polyester blends due to the high rate of burning and fabric melting.

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