Pink Chef Coats

With KNG’s line of Pink Chef Coats, your chefs and kitchen leaders are bound to stand out. Our coats come with a Spun Poly Guarantee, which means that while they may look and feel much like normal cotton chef wear, they will last much longer. Fast Shipping means you get these coats in your hands quicker to put them to the test.

Our active coats help to wick away sweat in a hot kitchen through strategic vents. At the same time, the chef can move freely and comfortably around the kitchen. These coats have a classic look with a stylish edge, perfect for any culinary student or professional chef.

  • Durable spun poly fabric that lasts twice as long as cotton chef ear
  • Washable
  • Brand your jacket with customized embroidery
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Chef Wear FAQs

Specifically designed to send up to the rigors of any commercial kitchen. 100% Spun Polyester lasts nearly twice as long as poly cotton blends, yet feels and breathes like pure cotton. It's has stain-resistant properties and will never fade, even after hundreds of washes.

• Breathable
• Non-Fading
• Stain-Resistant

Machine wash. Tumble dry. Do not wash with other 100% cotton garments to avoid pilling.

We can do custom color-ways starting at approximately 3,000 coats in assorted sizes (extended lead-time required)

No. However Cotton is more combustible than polyester. It ignites easily and burns rapidly, leaving behind a light ash residue. Polyester resists ignition but once ignited, it melts and causes severe localized burns. The fire hazard is also high with cotton/polyester blends due to the high rate of burning and fabric melting.

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