Menu Cover


The menus you present to customers are not only a direct reflection of your brand and the dining experience you wish to create for your patrons, they also represent a substantial investment in your business, one that you can’t afford to make multiple times each year. To maximize the merchandising of your entire menu and reduce replacement costs, KNG offers a comprehensive and flexible menu cover program.

Our menu cover program is designed to help restaurant chains and food service operators design and manage an inventory of menu covers across their entire operation. There are no administration fees, and all of our menu covers can be customized to reflect your own unique image and brand. Additionally, our menu covers are manufactured with specially engineered and tested materials designed to withstand constant handling, so they don’t need to be replaced as frequently, which translates into a higher return on investment and reduced costs for your business.

Key components of our Menu Cover Program include:


Our in-house Graphic and Manufacturing teams work directly with you to create menu covers that reflect your unique concept and brand.


Not only do we manufacture all of our menu covers in-house with the latest in automation technology, we manage the entire supply chain to ensure you receive the industry’s best prices and quality guarantees.


We can custom design the size, cover, page count, material, color, corners and imprinting to ensure your menu makes a favorable and consistent impression every time.  We are continually challenging ourselves to provide unique items utilizing the latest technologies to offer creative solutions to set you apart from your competition.


Our fully integrated SAP/ERP system provides real-time inventory availability, flexibility to prioritize orders, customized billing, and same day shipping!  We stock all size and color options of each component of your uniforms to ensure that inventory is always available to meet the needs of individual locations.

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