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KNG has been manufacturing menu covers and uniforms for the food service industry since 1965, and today our global team utilizes a unique combination of local and global resources to produce creative and unique items for our customers.  Our in-house engineers and millwrights are driving innovation & efficiency by continually improving our manufacturing processes and developing new technologies. The result is the industry’s best products and best prices, backed by the industry’s best guarantees.



KNG leverages its strength in equipment fabrication and process automation to quickly deliver consistent quality at the industry's best prices.


  • Leveraging best practices and our own expertise in process automation, our sewing lines consistently produce high quality apparel without increasing costs.
  • Our experienced seamstresses, combined with nimble manufacturing processes, allow us to begin producing custom apparel designs in half the time of other apparel houses.
  • Not only do we provide embellishment services to all of our apparel offerings, we manage the entire supply chain to ensure you receive the industry’s sharpest prices and quality guarantees.
  • All of our apparel is manufactured from easy care fabrics, and revolutionary spun-poly fabrics, which last twice as long as cotton or poly-cotton textiles.

menu coverMenu Covers

  • Using the latest in automation technology all of KNG’s menu covers are manufactured in-house at our 27-acre site in Nampa, Idaho. Our proprietary, state-of-the-art equipment automates the manufacturing of custom, high-quality products for customers of all types and sizes, at the industry’s most competitive prices.
  • We employ materials of the highest quality, including proprietary graphics-grade vinyl, bonded thread, large heavyweight corners, and scrim-supported binding.
  • We manage the entire supply chain to ensure our customers enjoy industry best prices and quality guarantees.
  • Our "menu cover geeks" at our in-house quality-assurance lab rigorously test every component so that KNG menu covers will hold up to the demands of daily use.
  • We even research best practices for cleaning and storing to help our customers prolong the life of their menu cover investment.