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As the world’s leading manufacturer of menu covers and restaurant apparel, KNG offers unparalleled experience in designing products that capture your unique image and brand while meeting your specific business needs. Our in-house designers are experts at working with you during each step of the design process – from initial materials selection to customization – to ensure that form and function are ideally matched, delivering the highest possible quality at industry-best prices.



KNG has the resources & expertise to design products that strengthen the brand experience you deliver to your customers


  • Our in-house Graphic and Apparel design teams can create custom uniforms to fit your unique brand for all the various roles in your organization.
  • We can tailor the design, fabric, color patterns, and any imprinting/embellishment.
  • We can even customize each apparel item for back of house staff (executive chefs, sous chefs, line cooks) and front of house staff (managers, wait staff, cashiers, servers).

menu coverMenu Covers

  • As the world's largest menu cover manufacturer, we leverage our extraordinary experience to partner with you to design menu covers that reflect the your restaurant's unique concept and maximize the merchandising of your entire menu line-up.
  • We can customize the material, size, color, page count and imprinting to align with your meal service, menu category or dining section.