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          Table Linens, 52in x 92in

          Item# 1151

          1 + Each $10.79 $12.07
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          • Finished Size: 52" x 92"
          Product Info

          Our easy-care spun polyester tablecloths look and feel luxurious. Unmatched in durability and unique soft hand that gets softer the more it's used. Great Value!

          Perfect choice. easily washed and no ironing. Fold perfect product is square and not on bias
          Comments about Table Linens, 52in x 92in:
          Use the first time on Sunday 4/12. Perfect choice. The Auxiliary will get a lot of use with these.
          Will definitely continue coming back to KNG.
          Comments about Table Linens, 52in x 92in:
          Black tablecloths are a rich shade of black, easily laundered and ironed, look sharp on the table, and are a great complement to combinations with other linen colors.
          Great Customer Service
          Comments about Table Linens, 52in x 92in:
          I used the linens for a birthday party. It's looked great and the quality is great!
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