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          Six Sided Clear Table Tent

          Item# 1026

          1 +Each $5.11
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          • Top-loading acrylic table tent
          • 4" wide x 6" high
          • Great advertising value!

          (Insert paper not included)

          Product Info
          They break at the seam easilky.
          Comments about Six Sided Clear Table Tent:
          Its a nice product and very helpful for custonmers, however when handled a lot they seem to snap at the seam.
          I would buy this product again!!
          Comments about Six Sided Clear Table Tent:
          Fits nicely on restaurant tables.
          unique table decorations
          Comments about Six Sided Clear Table Tent:
          We bought these for my daughter's chef party table decorations along w/the hats and aprons. The kids made their own pizzas & ice cream sundaes. We printed her picture w/her chef outfit and wrote WELCOME TO DARLING'S DINER (her nickname)on one sleeve. For the 2nd one,we downloaded a pizza picture and wrote down the prices according to the toppings & on a 3rd one, we downloaded a picture of an ice cream and wrote down those prices according to the toppings. Prices were something like -peperoni 2 smiles, pineapple 3 tickles, etc. We even printed one with senior citizen discount lunch. They turned out very nice and were unique.
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