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    Single Pocket Wood Casebound Menu

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    1 (back) Front is made from the quality wood of your choice and may be laser engraved.

    Material Type

    Top quality woods

    Built to Last

    Wood Finishes: Beautiful wooden menu covers exude elegance and uniqueness

    Will Not Bend or Warp: Durable material wrapped around heavyweight structured board.

    Photo Corners: Exquisite and long-lasting poly moire taffeta lining and photo corners.

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    (Sold in multiples of 25. Other quantities will be rounded up.)
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    Product Info
    Our Single Pocket Wooden Menu Covers are available in a variety of woods and sizes. All of our Menus are made from the highest quality materials, while still offered at wholesale prices.

    Wood Options: Basswood, Oak, Cherry or Walnut.

    Embellishment Options:
    • Customize your menu covers with elegant laser engraving.

    Minimum Order Quantity: 25 menus; blank or laser engraved.
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    Custom Laser Info
    Menu Laser Engraving

    Minimum Order Quantity 25
    90 Day Risk Free Trial

    PRICE$6.00 each
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