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          How do I send my Logo?

          It is important to send KNG your logo in a vector based file format. These types of files will greatly increase turn around time for your order and the quality of your embellished logo. If you forget to send us your logo, we'll send you a friendly reminder after your order has been placed. Please watch the following video and read through our steps to submitting your logo below:

          vector art example

          Custom Logo FAQ:

          Why is vector art important?

          • 1) Vector art is scalable
          • 2) Elements of a design can be easily manipulated
          • 3) Generally more aesthetically pleasing
          Which type of files should I send?

          • ai icon
            .AI Files

          • eps icon
            .EPS Files

          Where can I send my logos?

          When can I expect my logo proof?

          • You should expect to receive a digital proof within 1-2 business days after KNG receives your logo.

          Non-vector files lose detail when zoomed. Vector Art doesn't suffer from this problem.
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