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Restaurant Table Tents

Table tents sell food and drinks!

These table tents are perfect for restaurants, pubs, and deli’s. Our table tents come in many styles: vertical, flip chart and angled table tents. Perfect for hospitality business needs. Use table tents to advertise drinks, desserts, seasonal items or specials. These sign tents, table tents are small enough to place on counters, bars, or dinner tables, yet are highly effective. Tabletop menus are large enough to grab attention and show your customer culinary offerings in a professional way. Because they are so inexpensive and functional, table tents are a must-have for restaurants and other hospitality businesses. We offer a diverse assortment of table tent sizes and several price ranges.

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Having your promotional items separate from your main restaurant menus will help get them noticed.

Table tents are offered in a wide array of styles to fit any restaurant, café or diner décor. With any of these products you can advertise food with drink specials, menus, promotional items, or merchandise. You can also print your own graphics without concern as our table tents will help to protect them from drink or food spills.

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