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          Neck Cooling Scarf

          Item# 2541

          Product Info
          Soak the middle part of the scarf in cold/ice water for 5-10 minutes. Wrap it around your neck, forehead or any other suitable position. Cooling sensations will pass to pulse points and are carried throughtout your body. The coolness may be different depending on positioning. It keeps you cool for hours and can be reused over and over again.
          Try it, you WILL like it
          Comments about Neck Cooling Scarf:
          I did NOT believe that this neck cooling scarf would really work, but it DOES. I did as I was instructed by soaking it in cold water, then I tied it around my neck. In just a short time my body had cooled down. I liked that it did not drip water all over; and that it really does work. Thanks to whoever thought of this. Judy

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