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          Custom Menu Covers

          KNG: Custom Menu Covers
          Build a Custom Menu Cover to Your Exact Specifications
          Over 50 Years of Menu Cover Experience

          As the world’s largest menu cover manufacturer, we leverage our extraordinary experience to partner with you to design a menu cover that reflects your restaurant’s unique concept. Whether you need one of our existing styles in a custom size or want to build a completely new design, all you need to do is contact one of our specialists.

          • Pre-production sample for your approval
          • Over 50 years of Menu Cover experience
          90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

          You Choose

          • Colors
          • Cover Materials
          • Sheet Sizes
          • Page Configurations
          • Embellishments

          Have more questions or want to get started please call
          (Mon-Fri. 9am-7pm ET)

          "I received the sample menu today. That is the most beautiful menu cover I have ever seen!  Oh my goodness! You made that happen and I am so very grateful to you for it.  We deal with multiple business representatives every day, and your customer service is "heads and tails" above the rest!"

          Sherrie Gegen
          RMC-Pizza Hut Division
          Wichita KS

          "I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your excellent customer service. I could not have made my instore deadline without your help. The menu covers look great and out of over 3,000 there was only one cover that I couldn't use....that's pretty amazing! You all rock!"

          Eartha W. Collier
          General Manager
          Rebecca’s Taste of the South
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