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Cafe Menu Covers

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The cafe style menu cover is the most widely used menu cover in the world. It is the most versatile because you can easily change out the paper menus and clean the vinyl very quickly. The cafe style menu cover comes in a variety of styles and sizes to fit your restaurant's needs.

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Our Key Ingredients

At KNG, we think of your menu cover as more than something that you just slap your menu in to. We realize that your menu cover is an integral part of your image as a restaurant and that it is a tool used to showcase your menu to your customers. Our Cafe Menu Covers are the best available and are a perfect way to project the quality of your restaurant. They also continue to look great long after our competitors' products because, like a good restaurateur, we make sure that the best ingredients go into our products.

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Heavyweight Corners
Our corners have 75% more clamping space than cheaper alternatives. This keeps your corners on your menu covers where they belong.

Durable Backing
Our scrim backing lasts 3 times longer than menu covers made with unsupported backing.

Flat Vinyl
Our graphics-grade vinyl remains flat unlike cheaper film that leaves menu covers wavy.

Stronger Thread
Our menu covers are made with bonded thread that is 100 times stronger than regular thread.

Professional Edges Our turned edge binding provides a professional finish that will hold up through years of use.

Additional Information

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