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    Menu Cover Loading Tool

    Item# 1891

    Terrible product
    Comments about Menu Cover Loading Tool:
    I purchased 4 of these after watching the video. The rubber knobs on the ends continuously fell off or would come off in the menu. They never worked. I didn't even open 3 of them - planning on sending them back.
    good idea/poor design
    Comments about Menu Cover Loading Tool:
    Menu Loading Tool just doesn't work!
    Comments about Menu Cover Loading Tool:
    This tool has rubber footies that look like small tiny rubber balls cut in half, glued onto a plastic "T" (that's it's shape!) Supposedly, the rubber footies on the "T" part are suppose to grip the paper so that you can use the tool to push the paper into the menu cover.

    Those rubber footies don't have enough grip, thus the tool didn't work!
    Nice Idea, But
    Comments about Menu Cover Loading Tool:
    well the idea is good and i imagine it can help some load easier, but for me I generally use a Card stock papaer and i don't glue the pages together so that if my clients need to change prices they don't have to purchase both sides of a page. So all in all the stuffing tool is a very nice idea and does basically the same thing i do with my hand, but I was a little afraid i was going to break the tool trying to use it too.. hope this helps some body

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