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    Book Style Table Tent

    Item# M205

    Number of Views: 8 Views. Outside Front, Back and 6 inside views. The front view is often used for category name like Desserts, Wine List, etc., leaving 7 views for menu items.

    Vinyl Window Options: Glossy or Matte. Glossy is very clear, provides higher contrast and shows better detail in photos and graphics. Glossy is often used for low light situations. The Matte surface is more frosted, has more texture and reduces glare in rooms with bright light. Matte hides fingerprints and scratches well.

    Color Options: The binding is available in Black, Blue, Burgundy, Brown, Green, Red

    Corner Colors: Gold or Silver, made of heavyweight metal.

    Features: 4" x 6" photo page size, freestanding table tent. Ideal for your drink or dessert menu. Wider Spine than standard Book style menu covers allow book to stand up on your tables either horiziontally or vertically.

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