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    6 View Book Style Custom Printed Casebound Menu Cover

    Item# CWJ


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    6 (6 Inside) Front is made from a soft, woven polyester material which readily accepts and retains dye.

    Material Types

    Arrestox - Long lasting Buckram book cloth linen

    Fabric - Tightly woven spun polyester material

    Built to Last

    Premium Dyes: Fade resistant dyes are used to print your logo, design or artwork onto your menu cover while preserving detail and accuracy.

    Will Not Bend or Warp: Durable material wrapped around heavyweight structured board.

    Photo Corners: Exquisite and long-lasting poly moire taffeta lining and photo corners.

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    (Sold in multiples of 25. Other quantities will be rounded up.)

    Product Info
    Our Custom Printed Casebound Menu Covers are created using a revolutionary dye sublimation printing process. Dye sublimation is capable of creating photo realistic results and lasts a lifetime without fading or deteriorating. Start with a blank canvas and freely utilize the entire exterior of the menu cover for your design.

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