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Smart Marketing 101: How to partner with vendors to minimize your advertising expenses.

Your distributors and vendors are actually excited to foot the bill for promotional supplies in exchange for your agreement to market their brand! Now think about this: your wait-staff is a lovable group of walking, talking billboards with virtually unlimited advertising capabilities for both your restaurant and your vendors.

Do you see where I am going with this?

By now you’ve heard about KNG’s fantastic new line of full-color, dye-sublimated aprons, and you may have already begun to appreciate their remarkable advertising potential. With this line of aprons you can now reduce your marketing expenses by using resources you already have: your wait-staff! On its own, this is a fantastic deal. . . But we’ve actually come up with a way for you to take your money-saving powers to a whole new level.

Imagine teaming up with your vendors to cover the costs of these promotional aprons. When you put yourself in your vendors’ shoes, you’ll realize that they are always looking for innovative ways to promote their brands. Combine that with the relatively minimal cost of aprons, and we have a win-win situation.

Think about it: when your wait-staff wears your new aprons, your vendors’ brands will be placed directly in front of every customer who comes in, just before they order. This kind of visibility and the timing of that visibility couldn’t be any better. This is every marketer’s dream! Additionally, owners get an opportunity to up-sell more expensive products, promote events, etc, all for the price of a few aprons!

So get on the phone with your vendors, start brainstorming, and we will be ready and waiting to make your next great idea a reality!