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Putting Your Menus to Work: How choosing the right covers can increase your sales.

Let’s talk for a minute about menus. We all know the importance of perfecting your menu’s content, but what about its exterior? KNG has been working day and night to improve and expand their already impressive line of menu covers.  KNG realizes that your menu cover should reflect the very essence of your restaurant. They also realize that your restaurant is one of a kind, and therefore requires a completely unique cover. For this reason, KNG is committed to partnering with you to design a menu cover that is perfect for your restaurant.

So how do you choose a menu cover? Follow these three simple steps:

1. Know yourself: Menu covers are not only an extension of your restaurant, but a very concise way for you to say to the world, “this is exactly who we are.” If this isn’t already crystal clear to you, designing a new menu cover might actually be a really great opportunity for you to refocus and tighten up your branding concept.

2. Know your client base: Believe it or not, your clientele plays a major role in your menu-cover decisions. For example: if the majority of your guests are older, wealthier, and more conservative, you might consider going with a more traditional, elegant, and conservative look. If your guests are mostly young hipsters, you might consider an edgier, more artistic design.

3. Know your food: If you are operating a hip little burger joint, you probably won’t be looking for a faux-alligator skin or super-fancy cork cover. You’ll probably want to stick with the classic café style, tailoring it to match your unique design concept. (KNG does this exceptionally well). If, however, your reviewers are calling your chef the next Thomas Keller, and your prices make even the biggest spenders blush, you should consider a sturdier, more refined menu cover.

No matter how high-brow, low-brow, or off-the-wall your concept, KNG has a team of designers waiting in the wings to help you design a menu cover that truly reflects your restaurant’s core. You can choose from their pre-designed templates or work with them to create something entirely new. If you can imagine it, they will build it.

As children, we are told “never to judge a book by its cover.”  While it really is a lovely sentiment, you’ve got to remember that your guests have thrown that age-old adage to the wind. From the moment they whisk through your doors, they are sizing you up. Presenting your guests them with lovely, well-thought-out, appropriate menus, enveloped in menu covers that reflect the very essence of your restaurant will quiet their criticism and enable them to readily appreciate and enjoy your unique concept.