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Every Nook and Cranny: A Spring Cleaning Primer for Restaurants

The light is changing, the days are getting longer, and spring is just around the corner. With the weather warming up a bit, it’s time to throw open the windows, bring in some fresh flowers, and shed some light on those dark, dirty corners that have been so skillfully masked by winter. It’s officially time for Spring Cleaning. Try to think of it as a celebration rather than a chore. Just imagine the ripe tomatoes and watermelons that will soon be coming your way so very soon and get into it!

Get to the restaurant early one morning this week and shine as much natural light into your space as you can. Try not to gag. It’s amazing what dimming the lights can hide, isn’t it? What do you see? Do your baseboards need a good scrubbing or perhaps a new coat of paint? What about the walls? If you’re not quite sure where to begin, here’s a short list to get you started:

  1. Restrooms: Winter can really do a number on your bathrooms. Give yours a facelift this spring. Be sure to clean out the grout, and to use a pressure washing system to remove buildup and grime.
  2. Carpets: Now is the perfect time to have your carpets deep-cleaned. Just think about all of the dirty rain, snow and mud that your guests have been tracking in for the past few months.
  3. Mats: Keep in mind that with the lovely spring sunshine. . . also comes the lovely spring rain. This means more dirt and mud. Make sure that you have adequate floor mats at your entryways. If the ones you have are doing the job just fine, make sure to take them outside and pressure-wash them often.
  4. Air Conditioning Units: Pretty soon, you’re going to need to crank up the AC, and your units have probably lain dormant for winter’s entirety. the last thing you need is for your units to blow dirt and dust all over your fresh, clean carpets.
  5. Hoods: Sure, you clean your hood vents on a regular basis, but ideally you should have those suckers cleaned by the professionals annually.
  6. Ice Machines: Empty, defrost and sanitize those ice machines. Believe it or not, ice machines are a huge source of food-borne illness. Nip this problem in the bud by deep-cleaning your icemakers on a semi-regular basis.
  7. Walls and Ceilings: We rarely think to scrub down the walls or take a sponge to the ceilings, but you’d be surprised how much grime can accumulate over time. Just knowing that you’ve taken care of that inexplicable spaghetti stain over table 21 will allow you to usher in Spring with confidence and panache.

Spring Cleaning might seem like a cliché, but you and your guests alike will appreciate and benefit from your efforts. Have you made plans to deep clean this month? As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts and tips. Please feel free to leave a comment below.