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Cost Effective In-Store Marketing Made Easy: How KNG can help maximize your marketing potential

Right now, at your fingertips, you have access to an unlimited supply of marketing potential. Consider this: each and every time a member of your wait staff interacts with a guest, you have an advertising opportunity. All you have to do is to turn that opportunity into actual profit. KNG has come up with a brilliant way to maximize that potential with their new line of full-color, dye-sublimated aprons.

Dye sublimation is a printing technique that allows KNG to print full-color aprons while maintaining the softness and breathability of our aprons. If you already have a design or logo that you would like to have printed on an apron, all you have to do is send that file over to the geniuses at KNG and they will print it for you. KNG also already has a number of seasonal designs available to which you can simply ad your own logo. These promotional aprons are available in both bib and waist apron styles, are less expensive, and serve a dual function as both a uniform requirement and a valuable marketing opportunity.

Here’s how they work:

  1. Specificity: The comparatively low cost of these aprons allows you to be as specific as you like when choosing a design. They are ideal for promoting drinks specials, or advertising upcoming holiday deals. KNG’s printing flexibility also allows for boundless creativity in your apron design. Your guests will genuinely appreciate this extra bit of effort.
  2. Unconscious reminder: Humans are funny creatures. We are constantly forming opinions based on our current surroundings. Have you ever experienced a sudden, strong craving for something absurdly specific, having absolutely no idea what triggered it? I’m willing to bet that prior to this inexplicable yen, you passed a billboard, caught a glimpse of something on TV or in the pages of a magazine, heard the words over the radio, or even saw someone wearing a T-shirt with the exact item of your desire emblazoned across it. This is fantastic news for restaurants. If we want to sell something, all we really have to do is make it visible, appealing, and available to guests. When your staff wears these aprons, they will serve as a constant, yet unconscious reminder of the product you are planning to sell.
  3. Exposure: Market research shows that when customers are repeatedly exposed to the same product, they develop a level of comfort with it that in turn increases the likelihood that they will buy it. When you use these aprons, each member of your wait staff will become a walking billboard for whatever product or special you are aiming to promote. By sheer proximity, your guests will be continually exposed to your product, increasing their chances of opening their wallets for this specific purpose.

KNG’s new promo aprons are a fantastic way to smarten up your advertising system without shelling out a lot of extra cash. To get a better idea of what these beauties look like and how you can put them to work for your business, visit

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts about advertising, promotional aprons, and the like. Please feel free to leave a comment below.