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Breakfast Catering – Good News in Tough Times

It may surprise restaurants and caterers that breakfast catering has increased six percent in four years.

One in five business and medical facilities surveyed ordered breakfast catering at least once a week. The results were reported in the Technomic Large Orders Off-Premise study which was released this week.

“We learned that breakfast occasions are growing due to meeting times shifting earlier and lower costs,” said Melissa Wilson, Technomic Principal.

The study updated research data that was conducted in 2007. In the past four years, breakfast catering increased from 13 to 19 percent of those surveyed.

Dinner usage also increased.

Twenty-six percent of the 1200 decision makers surveyed reported they order catered-in dinners to work at least monthly. Dinner occasions are growing because some employers provide dinner to help ease the pain of longer days.

Other interesting findings in the survey:

  • The average group size for business and medical catering orders has remained steady at 19 to 20 people. However, cut-backs have occurred in average per-person expenditures since 2007.
  • Catering decision-makers say that incentives have grown in importance as a way to stretch their catering budgets. While all types of incentives have increased in importance, coupons gained the most influence.
  • Retailers, especially warehouse clubs, are competing effectively with restaurants for business and medical catering occasions. One in five survey respondents reported using a warehouse club in the past 60 days for a business catering occasion.