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Brand New Guest Checks – Plus 250 Free!

The simple, efficient solution

You’ve been asking for additional guest checks for a while now. Thanks to all of your suggestions KNG has been actively seeking the perfect combination of features to match your needs.

And we’ve just succeeded in sourcing a brand-new line of guest checks, offering more style and feature options than ever before. Some of the new features include loose, padded, and stapled pads, along with one part, two part, and three part checks, and lastly 3 choices of high-quality paper stock.

Special Offer: 250 Free Restaurant Guest Checks

We are so confident that you will like the new products we want to offer you the opportunity to see first hand how the right restaurant guest check can make a difference in your business.

Experience the improvement for yourself!

Choose any style of guest checks and receive a 250 free sample for your approval – we’ll even cover the shipping and there’s never any obligation to purchase.

  • 250 free restaurant guest checks
  • Choose from any style
  • Zero cost, no obligation

And the best part? There’s no fine print. One sample per style per customer, of course, but that’s it.

Click here to choose which restaurant guest check design you like best.

Your staff, both in front of house and back, will really appreciate the easily-coordinated organization these guest checks help them achieve. It’s amazing the efficiency boost that such a simple tool can provide, from avoiding table-number confusion to streamlining delivery and service.

In the end, it’s all about creating a memorable experience for your guests – focusing, preferably, on friends, family, food and service – not on the bill. If you make it easy to double-check and divide, you remove what might be the only low point in your customers’ otherwise enjoyable outing.

Guest Checks Can Drive Promotions and Repeat Business

What’s your restaurant’s bread and butter? The vast majority of us would probably say “regular customers – the ones who fill our seats when the tourist season slows down”.

But sometimes, it can be challenging to entice your local clients with promotions (after all, they know where you are and what you’re all about already). If you’d like to see your A-list more often and generate more regular local business, try using custom-printed restaurant guest checks to deliver targeted bounce-back promotions to every patron.

KNG’s newest restaurant guest checks offer custom-brandable space for your logos and messages atop each sequentially-numbered check.

Some examples of successful business-creating promotions include:

  • Using prize codes or contests to drive website traffic
  • Soliciting club memberships & contact information for future promotions
  • Offering discounts or specials; promoting special events

Remember, dining is about more than food – it’s a human experience. Creating a full, well-rounded customer experience means making all those little details just right – and in today’s rapid-fire world, the convenience and fresh, personal connection of a handwritten guest check really puts the icing on the cake for many of your customers.