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Why You Should Use Trendy Restaurant Menu Covers

Double Pocket Menu CoverChoosing and ordering menu covers is one of the most important details of operating a restaurant. These covers may be for dessert menu, food menu, or a wine list. There are numerous components which have to be considered when choosing menu covers. Here is an overview of the factors that need to be contemplated.


One of the most obvious questions that should be pondered upon is “How much is one willing to spend over a menu cover?” This is an important issue to address because menu covers can differ quite considerably pertaining to the material being used. The cost may range from $5 to $60 or more.


Once the cost has been decided, the next question is to decide on the material you want to use. The material you intend to apply on the menu primarily depends on a few factors. First and foremost, what kind of identity do you want the restaurant to render? If the restaurant is a sophisticated, classy one, genuine leather is the right choice. Another way of looking at this is what type of customers are you expecting? If the main customers of a restaurant are families with kids who want a casual eatery, a less costly plastic menu is enough. Such material is a practical choice as it’s easy to clean if the kids spill food on it.

Alternative Materials and Trendy Style Covers

The utilization of alternative materials for menu covers is becoming very popular. One such stuff is metal. Metal menu covers can be extremely trendy and has a lot to offer when it comes to designing. For instance, an individual can have the logo and the name of the restaurant engrave into the cover. This is a brilliant way of customizing the cover. Apart from this, another choice is to make use of copper which has a glaze to it. This will offer variety to every cover, offering even more uniqueness to the guests.

From practicality comes ease of maintenance. Covers which comprise plastic protectors to clutch the menu sheets assist in keeping the sheets undamaged and allow for convenient stain removal. The toughness of the menu covers is profoundly reliant on the material being used. For instance, vinyl and plastic tend to wear out very quickly, whereas fabric and leather can last for a long time without getting worn or torn.


Another element of menu covers one can choose is the format. The basic cover can be one with two-page views, or one which looks like a book. Menu covers with a binding can have fixed number of pages or can come with a screw binding. The screw binding allows adding more pages as the need arises. One can also have varied size options. The sizes of menu covers can range from 5.5 inches to 14 inches.

Last, there are also arrays of decorations which can be added to menu covers. They tend to offer a very distinguished look. The examples may include foil stamping, debossing, screen, windows, printing, offset printing, and the like. There are numerous companies which sell menu covers these days. The best way to find a good company is to search online.