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Types Of Menu Covers

Cafe Menu CoverMenu covers are the face of your restaurant. They are a part of the ambience and décor. A good menu cover attracts the attention of your guest and creates an image about the restaurant. It helps build brand image and works as a tool for promotion. A good quality cover looks fresh and new for longer. It doesn’t wear off quickly and retains its original appearance for long. There are some factors to determine the quality of these covers. When looking for a cover, you must evaluate these factors. It will ensure that you do not require a quick replacement and the menu covers last long. Here are some factors that you must consider when buying a menu cover.

Qualities Of Good Covers

Bonded thread: A good quality bonded thread adds strength to the menu pages. The thread does not break or loosen. It has good tenacity and stretch as compared to a nylon thread. It is bonded by resin and finished with special lubricant to provide superior strength.

Graphics grade vinyl: Good quality vinyl is resistant to most of the cleaning solutions. It is thicker in quality and has excellent contact clarity. It remains smooth and lies flat. It doesn’t get uneven or wavy over time. Its high-impact strength prevents cracking.

Large heavyweight corners:
Menu covers with heavy weight corners are sturdy. They lay flat and remain in good condition for long. When the corners are clamped with metal, they do not turn inward or outward.

Types Of Covers

There are different types of covers that you can choose, depending on your needs. Here is a list of some of the most popular covers.

Café menu cover:
This kind of cover is extremely popular because of its versatility. It comes in different sizes and styles. You can change out the paper menus and clean the vinyl quickly. It comes with single pocket, double pocket, triple pocket, and book style.

Custom menu covers: This type of cover can be designed according to your specific requirements. You can choose the style as well as the material. You could choose plastic, wood, metal, or vinyl material. It can also include embossing with laminated art or top and bottom bar holders on linen backing.

Leather: Bonded leather looks elegant and makes a strong style statement. The interior of this cover has cloth backing and four leather corners mount to hold paper.

Leatherette menus: This material is tough and looks like real leather. It lasts long and comes in different colors like black, blue, burgundy, coffee, green, and red.

Imitation leather: Menu covers with sewn edge are high on endurance level. It has a soft and leather-like vinyl outside with scrim-supported binding. It comes with heavy metal corners and chipboard. Optional foil stamping matches the color of the corners.

Apart from the above-mentioned styles and types, you can find a host of other products that can be useful for your restaurant. For instance, there are aprons, chef clothing, server uniforms, restaurant supplies, and kid supplies. All these products are available online. Alternatively, you can place an order over phone.