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Top 6 Restaurant Marketing Ideas

When you’re marketing restaurants, you’re like courting your customers.  You make yourself attractive, and you find ingenious ways to make them come to you.  Intelligent marketing is important because every restaurant is sure to have its own competition –Burger King across the street, the Japanese restaurant about a mile away, or even your customer’s home-cooked food sitting at their home.  Marketing your restaurant goes beyond your monthly sales report — it includes your company image, branding, customer relationships and social relevance.   But this article shall limit itself to selling methods—how to attract more customers to visit your place.  That said, here are our top 6 restaurant marketing ideas:

1   Come up with an eye-catching signage. Maximize your visibility potential by putting up a huge sign that catches everyone’s attention. The more visible it is, the more chances of attracting new customers to try your food.  Another way to make it eye-catching is by having it illuminated.

2   Distribute flyers. Make people aware that you are there, either for dine-in, to go, or delivery service.  Think of hungry customers who automatically search for their stack of restaurant flyers when they want to eat out or call for delivery services.  If your flyer aren’t there in their stack, that’s lost business for you.  Distribute as many flyers as possible.

3   Give samples.
People love giving back once something is given to them.  And sampling is a restaurant marketing idea that banks on that. Choose a personable employee to hand out your best food item to passers-by, and invite them to come back for more and bring friends.  This might also be a good chance to hand out those flyers.

4   Host events. Make your restaurant a venue for events that take place in your community.  Contests, food tasting events, live shows, parties.  This could also generate good publicity for your restaurant.

5 Get into public relations stunts.
One of the best ways to bring in the crowd is getting good press. Our celebrity-obsessed society wants to mingle with those who appear in the papers.  So stir up the creativity in you – you can come up with mascots of your food specialties, or you can join community services to generate good press.

6 Develop your online presence. People search the web for everything nowadays.  When they try to look you up, or that specialty food you carry, you have to be there.  Maximizing your online presence is one of the most effective restaurant marketing ideas today. How do you do that?

Build a website.  Your website carries your brand, restaurant theme, menu, operating hours and the kind of payment you accept.

Create relevant content in your website.  This is important so that search engines can crawl their way to your website, making use of effective keywords and related words surrounding those.

Build pages on social networking sites. Facebook and Twitter offers you an inexpensive way to connect to the people in your community.  You can update them with your promotional offers and invite them to your events.

When you make use of the above restaurant marketing ideas, and you do it intelligently and effectively, you are definitely on your way to success.