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Tips for Selecting the Best Menu Covers

Leather Menu CoverIf you are a hotel owner, buying menu covers would be one of your most important tasks. Here are a few tips that will help you make the right decision. When selecting menu card covers, you need to first check the material used to make the covers. A menu card can speak volumes about the quality of your hotel or restaurant.

Menu Card Covers—Selecting the Best

When you select a menu card cover, make sure that it reflects the values that your hotel or restaurant stands for. If you are changing the menu card covers every year, then it is obvious that the material being used for the menu card is not appropriate.

Menu cards are subjected to all kinds of damage—both mechanical and chemical.  Toddlers would love to get their hands on menu cards and chew away the edges to give relief to their itchy gums. Some of the common materials used for making menu cards are leather, plastic and paper.

The cost of leather menu card covers is something that most hotel or restaurant owners are not sure of. Contrary to popular belief, leather menu card covers are not very expensive. It is a well known fact that menu card covers made out of leather last for a very long time.
If leather menu card covers are hand turned, then it would give an elegant look to the menu card.

The corners of the menu cards are also something that you need to pay attention to. If the corners of the menu card covers are made out of cloth, they may not last long. Menu cover corners can also made out of leather.

Customizing Menu Card Covers
Most hotel or restaurant owners would prefer to customize their menu card covers. Generally, they prefer to emboss the hotel or restaurant logo on the front cover of the menu card.

How is this customization done? Hotel or restaurant owners need to contact a menu card cover maker or designer and provide the logos or designs to them. The designer uses the logo or design and makes a prototype cover. After the hotel or restaurant owner’s approval, the menu card cover is given for printing. In addition to leather, plastic, and paper materials, menu card covers are also made from vinyl materials.
If you require menu covers wholesale rates, you will to need to check with the particular menu card maker. Generally for bulk orders, good discounts are offered. Hotel owners need to think of long term benefits when placing an order for menu card covers. If there is likely to be a change in the logo or design of the menu card cover, then it makes more sense to have fewer menu card covers made.

There are several companies online who make menu covers as per your need and specifications. If there are any doubts, it is best to call up these custom menu cover makers to ensure that the final order meets your requirements. It is recommended that you get your doubts cleared, particularly before placing any large order for menu covers.