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The Importance of Choosing Menu Covers

Cafe Menu CoversMenu covers are an important part of any restaurant. Whether for food, desserts or wine, menu covers reflect how a food establishment regards its customer as well as itself as a business. There are a number of factors you should consider when deciding on the right cover.

The Price

Obviously, your financial situation and how much you’re able to spend will play a major role in what you can even start to consider. Depending on the style and the materials used you can start as low as $5 and goes as high as over ten times that amount.

The Materials

What the menu cover is made from is another important point to consider. The material you use should resonate with the personality of the restaurant and speaks out to your particular clientele. For example, if you run high class establishment then leather is a good choice. However, if it’s more a family diner then plastic might suffice. Materials include:

•    plastic;
•    vinyl;
•    leather;
•    imitation leather;
•    linen;
•    and cork.

The Style

There are a number of formats which you can choose from. This tends to depend on the material you’ve decided on. Cafe menu covers are the most commonly used style. This is mainly because the paper can easily be changed and the vinyl is simple to wipe over and clean. Within this style there are a number of formats and sizes to choose from. You can also add chip board to make the menu stiffer or purchase extra pockets in case you ever expand your menu.

Examples of the range of pockets available are:

•    single pocket;
•    double pocket;
•    double and a half;
•    and triple pocket.

However, there’s also the option to custom make your menu. In addition, you may want to add extra decoration to give the covers more personality. For instance debossing, printing, offset printing, foil stamping and screen.

The workmanship

This is important because you want your menu covers to last. Hopefully, they’re going to be handled a great deal so high quality work is paramount. Points to consider include:

  • Threading: bonded thread is where the thread is bonded with resin and then finished off with a form of lubricant. This protects it against certain elements like chemicals, sunlight and abrasion.
  • Durable Corners: the corners will no doubt suffer the most so it’s important that they’re large and heavy. Using metal adds to their durability.
  • Vinyl: cheap vinyl is liable to fade and warp over only in a short period of time. It’s worth making sure that the vinyl being used is of a high quality and resistant to a wide range of cleaning products.

Menu covers are available in a range of sizes, shapes and materials. The most popular, cafe menu covers, are efficient and come in a number of formats to suit any restaurant’s requirements.
The menu is what customers tend to turn to first and so the cover is vitally important for that first impression. Menu covers are available in various price ranges as well as styles and can even be custom made. This way you can be sure to create the perfect reflection of your business.