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Stylish Chef Coats For Men And Women

3 4 Sleeve Chef CoatChef coats provide a professional touch to the culinary industry. Imagine the professionals working in the restaurants and hotels wearing the usual attire. Will it give the same effect? We can hardly expect to see the experts of culinary donning casual clothes, torn denims, and laced blouses.

Generally, coats worn by chefs are white. But, today, you can see black becoming the preferred colors in many a modern restaurants. Black not only looks stylish, but also acts as a concealer for those gravy stains and spots. Hotels located in colder climates, beaches, and hill stations may feature chefs wearing black coats.

Chef Coats Come In Variety

Somebody has said, “you are what you wear.” But how can you assess a chef’s personality, as he or she has to wear the same uniform all day? Well, that’s why there are variations in chef jackets and coats. You can get single-breasted or double-breasted coats, with two button rows on one side or single row. It’s important to team the jacket with an appropriate trouser, apron, necktie, and hat for the perfect look.

The benefit of double-breasted coat is that you can turn it inside out to hide those stains. You are also protected from the heat of the kitchen, as these coats provide a good insulation. Such coats feature a couple of thick layers of cotton. It may also protect you from burns. Cotton allows your skin to breathe, which is essential when you’re working in a hot environment like the kitchen.

Chef Coats For Women

Although only around ten percent women are chefs in the United States, when you turn this into numbers, it’s still huge. Moreover, when we talk of equality of sexes, the women chefs must also don a uniform, right? You can find some finely tailored coats, made from 100 percent cotton, for the culinary ladies. You can show your feminine touch with a streamlined fit that flatters your figure, yet commands respect as the chef.

Why Black Chef Coats Are Popular?

As mentioned earlier, coats in black score high on the fashion scale. Besides this, it gives a neat look. Black is beautiful and is the favorite color of many fashion designers. You can hardly go wrong with this color. This is the classic color for the LBD (little black dress) and for formal wear. So, why not for the chefs? Talk of revealing the dark side of chefs!

Nowadays, many eating places let the customers interact with the chefs to choose their favorite cuisine. Certain hotels even allow the customers to have a peek inside the kitchen. That’s the reason why it has become more important for the chefs to have a presentable look, no matter what time during their work.

Just as a dish becomes more palatable by presenting it in an attractive manner on the plate, the ambience of the hotel becomes more inviting with smartly dressed chefs. Worn out, stained chef coats may almost ruin the business!

You’re working in the kitchen, preparing and supervising meals, does not mean you can be lax in your dressing sense. Are you ever lax in your food? No! So, consider chef coats as important as preparing the best dish for your customer.