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Selection And Upkeep Of Menu Covers

Bonded Leather Menu CoverMenu covers are a necessity for every restaurant as they provide stability and durability to the menu cards. There are many kinds of menu covers available in the market, ranging from café menu covers, custom menu covers, leather menu covers and many more. It is very easy to see samples of the covers online and order online too. It saves time, save money through bulk orders and saves hassles as the covers are delivered at the doorsteps.

Some Points to Consider Before Finalizing the Covers

The main things to consider while ordering the menu covers are: Bonded threads should be used to sew the covers. These threads are strong and cannot be broken by hands, thus are more resistant to daily wear and tear. Next thing to look for is that the covers should have large heavyweight corners. Corners having large metal base last longer and give more durability to the menu. Although it costs large portion of the menu cover, it is a worthwhile expenditure. Otherwise, the corners will bend and wear off easily and it will need replacement pretty soon.

Another important thing is to ensure the quality of vinyl used in making the covers. Cheap vinyl gets discolored easily and gets damaged by use of cleaning liquids. However, good manufacturers use high grade vinyl which is resistant to cleaning liquids, is thicker, and has greater contact clarity. In addition, they are oil, grease and moisture resistant. The vinyl should have high impact strength to prevent cracking.

Once you have selected a good manufacturer and selected the style and size of your menu cover, it is advisable to order in bulk. Wholesale menu covers come cheap and are convenient because you can replace the damaged one easily without having to wait for a new one, plus you can display new paper cards and promotions using the spare menu covers.

Maintaining the Menu Covers

After getting a perfect menu cover, it is your responsibility to maintain it properly. Here are some tips to keep the covers clean.

Sanitation and appearance of the covers is very important as these covers pass through the hands of many people during the day. You should use a cleaning solution which has disinfectant and sanitation properties. It should be mild enough for the vinyl, plastic and stitching of the menu cover. Citrus based cleaners are not recommended as they tend to weaken the thread and vinyl coating. Also solution with bleach should not be used as they can cause discoloration of the plastic.

Apart from cleaning the menu covers, their proper storage is also very important. They must be stored flat, should not exposed to sunlight for a long time and must be stored at a constant temperature. If the temperature varies a lot, it may lead to cracking or warping of the covers.

Menu covers are an important aspect of the restaurant, be it a fast food restaurant or a high-end one. The customer comes in contact of the menu first thing after he/she is seated. A properly fitting menu cover with heavy edges and attractive design is sure to create a good impression on the customers. To minimize the cost of covers, bulk buying, proper maintenance and sufficient number of spare menu covers is a must. You can buy these covers online to save money and time.