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Selecting Menu Covers

Menu CoverMenu covers might seem to be a simple part of the entire business but if you think carefully you will realize that these, in fact, carry the identity of the restaurant. They bear the complete list of services provided to the customers along with the name and contact details of the organization. And all this put together makes it very important to give due importance to the selection of a menu cover.

Selection of an appropriate menu cover for your restaurant is not a very difficult task but should not be taken very lightly either. Keep in mind a few points when deciding upon one as it would not be wise to keep changing it too often.

Decide your budget. Considering all other factors involved in the business how much are you able to spend on menu covers? Based on this decision you can go ahead and begin your selection. Plastic ones will be more reasonable compared to cloth and leather.

How do you classify your outlet? It might have facilities of dine-in, take away or both. If it is dine in you can go for a little classy one but for take-away joints a plastic cover would be fine. If you have both facilities you can go for both types of covers.

Weigh your menu size. A large menu size means a more durable cover that can hold together larger number of pages. And this means having something as durable as good quality cotton, canvas or leather. These materials also give your restaurant an elegant look.

Maintenance factors also play an important role. If you can afford to regularly wash and clean restaurant menu covers then there can be nothing like stitched cotton or canvas covers. They give a very warm and welcome feeling to customers. If your outlet is a very busy one, plastic covers will serve the purpose. All you need to do is to wipe it clean to give them a refreshed look. It is true plastic does lose its look after a period of time but then at that point of time it can be replaced.

Estimate the expected customer size. Heavy flow of customers means excessive use of menu cards which might result in defacing of the cover. It is best to use ones which can be easily replaced, for example, plastic covers. Besides, since they are pretty affordable, you can comfortably maintain an extra stock of menu covers. This will help you maintain a tidy look for your menus along with the image of the restaurant.

The age group of customers expected also plays a deciding factor to some extent. There are many joints which are primarily targeted towards children in general. With children around it would be a waste of money to go in for something like leather and cotton. It would be best to have a sturdy plastic covers that can be wiped clean as well as replaced easily. There is no point in having a designer cover for children since they hardly pay attention to such factors.

No one factor helps zero in on the selection. As an entrepreneur you will have to list down your priorities and make a decision that best suits your business. The only thing that goes for all restaurants is that menu covers set the mood for the meal. An elegant cover raises ones appetite while a lousy one does just the opposite.