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Revolutionary Aprons Available Online

Bib Apron with Pencil PocketAprons are now available in a revolutionary material that doesn’t shrink, doesn’t require ironing, and the color doesn’t bleed or fade. One of the common problems with restaurant aprons is that they require frequent replacement. The material snags and the color fades, making it look old and worn out. It gives a very poor impression of the restaurant and looks untidy. It can mar your brand image. Few washes can make the apron look dull and dilapidated. It may also leave lint on restaurant crockery and can create a poor impression in the mind of your guests. Clean and tidy staff with clean uniforms and aprons contributes to the overall ambience of your restaurant. It is an important aspect of your restaurant and should not be ignored.
If you are fed up of replacements and need a solution, spun poly material is the best choice. This material looks, feels, and breaths like cotton. This material is color-fast and doesn’t stain like cotton. It doesn’t require ironing and lasts twice as long. The material may be expensive, but it lasts twice more than cotton and polycotton aprons. In addition, it gives the comfort and convenience of cotton. There are different types of restaurant aprons available in different styles. You can also get them embroidered and they come with a 90-day guarantee. There are many attractive styles and you can get amazing deals on bulk purchases. Orders can be placed online and you can save money on custom, stock, or wholesale aprons.


Waist apron: This type is available in different sizes, 11 inches, 15 inches, four-way waist apron, short bistro apron, and so on. It is available for men as well as women.

Bib apron: This category includes guaranteed quality that will not require replacement. It lasts twice as long as the cotton or polycotton blends under normal working conditions. You can also get a 90-day risk-free trial.

Bistro aprons: This type does not wrinkle or stain. It can be embroidered or screen-printed. The varieties include half bistro, full bistro, and long bistro.

Apart from these categories, there are no-pocket bib apron, chef bib, four-way apron, cobbler apron, tuxedo style, waterproof apron, and shop apron. All these types of aprons are made of spun poly-twill and can resist stains. They do not require ironing and can be machine-washed with warm water. They can be tumble dried in a washing machine and are easy to clean.

The material used for these restaurant aprons is made of heavy 7.5 oz spun poly-twill, which has soft feel of spun cotton. It lasts twice as long as poly-cotton blends. They are available in different dimensions. You will not find a better material than this. It is one of the best options for your restaurant staff. You can place the order online or call them on their toll-free number. You could also order through fax and make the payment through different modes of payment. Some of the payment options include credit card, debit card, E-check, and Net 30 Terms. Apart from the best quality aprons, you can also get other restaurant supplies like menu covers, paper rolls, napkin rings, flatware, scales, chef clothing, server uniforms, and much more.