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Quality Chef Coats

Chef Coats with Black PipingChef coats complete the professional look, especially if they are tailored well and made of the best material. Whether you are a apprentice working under a master chef or run your own restaurant chef’s uniforms have to look clean and presentable. When you choose the chef’s clothing, you need to select the best quality fabric, which will withstand the conditions under which the chef works, in a busy kitchen.

Right Materials

When you own a restaurant you want all your staff to look impeccable and clean, especially because it is a food related business. The chefs coats should be both comfortable and smart. Moreover, the material it’s made from should be durable. Kitchens are places where there is a lot of smoke, steam and food and there are chances of sauces and gravies splashing onto the clothes of the people working there.

If you buy high-quality material you can be sure that the stains of cooking can be washed and cleaned easily. It is important that the chef coat should not get creased easily, so he/she looks presentable during work hours. So you need to choose chefs uniform and other items with care.

Specially Designed Uniforms

The chef’s uniform is recognized worldwide and the chef coats are the most important part of the apparel. They are designed to protect the wearer from hot liquids splashing and to protect the body from burns and while being in contact with hot pots and kitchen utensils. Classic chef coats are available in the double breasted styles with buttons made from various materials including cotton and blended materials.

Variety Of Styles And Designs

There are many suppliers that provide chef’s apparel of various types and designs. You can select chef coat, pants and chef caps from leading suppliers of uniforms. They have a variety of designs and materials to choose from according to your particular preference and requirements.  Among these are chef coats for men and women. Chef uniforms are made from breathable fabric which ensures that the staff will feel comfortable when working.

Various Designs

When you choose uniforms for kitchen staff you have several choices.

•    You can buy short sleeves, long sleeves or three fourth sleeves.
•    Uniforms can either be black or white.
•    There are special designs for men and women chefs and are available in various sizes.
•    The chef coat has turned back cuffs and a thermometer pocket in standard designs.
•    Executive chef’s jackets are made in European styles and look elegant and sophisticated.
•    You can select chefs jackets which are a combination of white with contrast black at the cuffs and collar.
•    Some chef uniforms are unisex and can be worn by both men and women.
•    You can customize your order by requesting printing of logos or designs on the jackets to showcase your restaurant.

The important thing to keep in mind when you buy chef coats is that if you select stain-resistant, washable, color-fast, no iron fabric, which is breathable and does not shrink, your chefs will be happy and comfortable. When you buy quality chef’s uniforms, you don’t have problems of continuous replacement and it is cost effective.