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Perk Up This Season’s Menu With ‘Hot Holiday Drinks’ For Your Customers

Deck the hall with bows of holly… (falalalalala)…

Your diners are well into the season’s cheers, and we know you have cooked up some great holiday menu offers for them. Yuletide diners are also now fighting the holiday chill, and we’re guessing, too, that you’ve already prepared special beverages for the season, taking advantage of the occasion to enhance your menu strategies by complementing it with cheerful drinks—most preferably hot ones to battle the cold. Technomic and leading beverage equipment supplier BUNN Technology Center give us some tips on how to spice up your beverage menu this season by coming up with inventive holiday hot beverages.

Coffee Rush. Everyone loves a proverbial cup of coffee, especially those who just came out of the cold. Sara Rush, Technomic’s associate editor, suggests that your chefs in quality chef trousers and coats experiment with new flavor combinations to create curiosity in holiday-themed coffee. “You can try out the sweet-and-salty contrast in your flavors, just like how Starbucks did their Salted Caramel Mocha, which mixed turbinado sugar and sea salt,” she added. Turbinado sugar is like brown sugar, and is deemed to be a lot “healthier” than regular sugar.

Or you can get ideas from Dutch Bros. Gingersnap Coffee—bean espresso roast, Dutch chocolate blend milk and gingerbread Torani syrup, or It’s a Grind’s Pumpkin Pecan Latte—handcrafted with milk, espresso, caramel pecan syrup, real Madagascar vanilla and pumpkin pie sauce.

Randy Pope from the BUNN Technology Center, leading supplier of beverage equipments, suggests an interesting “Around the World with Coffee” theme to get customers involved. The theme would feature different regions (like Central America, Indonesia, South America and Africa) and could be done on weekly intervals.

Food Ol’ Chocolate. Technomic’s Sara Rush jogs our memory on how we used to love the good old hot chocolate during the holidays. And how this beverage has that uncanny ability to turn any drink from ordinary to chocoliciously mmmmm. Your chefs in elegant chef trousers and coats can blend it with lavender, passion fruit, violet or lemon, just like how many contemporary operators infuse it to make a cheerful holiday chocolate line.

Other hot beverages. There are, of course, other hot beverages that you can play around with. Popular coffee-based beverages include café au lait, cappuccino, espresso, frappe and latté. Then we got Horlicks, hot ciders, mulled ciders or gluhwein—mulled wine, usually red, that is native to Europe, and is combined with spices. You can also try to experiment on as much tea variants as you can – chai, green tea, pearl milk tea, herbal teas like Yerba Mate, or roasted grain beverages like Sanka.

The idea is to get your customers’ attention with these offers, and perk up your holiday beverage list. It might not be an easy task, but with proper planning and execution, this could well help out in generating more traffic and sales. And if you’re reading this and you have not started any holiday beverage offer yet, it’s not yet too late—the holidays, after all keeps everyone in a holly and jolly mood to dine and drink at restaurants until the first few weeks of the new year.