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Perfect Menu Covers To Set The Stage

Cafe Menu CoversAs an owner of a restaurant the first thing that you would serve your guests would be the menu. This could be with Menu Covers or without them. The idea is to make an impression on the guest from the first step onwards.
Believe it or not, a good Menu Cover sets the mood for a pleasant dining. Imagine walking in to a restaurant and being presented with a shabby looking menu that has its corners ruined. How ‘appealing’ would that look? Now imagine yourself being greeted into a restaurant with a menu elegantly packed into a Menu Cover. Sure gives a feel of cordial hospitality.

Types Of Menu Covers

There is no formula for having a good Menu Cover. There are various types and each one has a purpose to serve and suits a particular situation.
Washable covers can be seen in upscale restaurants where you have the table elegantly laid out with linen. Not only do these covers look elegant they are eco-friendly too. They are usually made of good quality cotton and nylon which are quite durable. They can be taken off the menu and regularly washed like any other cloth material.

Wipeable covers are mostly made of plastic and can be wiped clean in a jiffy. Very busy restaurants, like ones serving fast food, usually go for this kind of cover. They do not require much maintenance. Besides, a spare lot of covers can be maintained to easily slip on a menu card.
Under the wipeable range we can also include the leather and leather look-alike covers. These, however, need much more than just wiping. These give a classy touch to the environment and are mostly found in the very upscale restaurants.

Disposable Menu Covers are a choice as well but not a very popular one. Usually made of paper, the cover can be instantly replaced. They prove to be economical too.

The artistic Menu Cover category involves a wide range of materials and designs. It can be found in a very small outlet or even at one of the most expensive places in town. It depends upon the material used and the amount of work involved. These are mostly customized Menu Covers that reflect the ambience of the restaurant. It carries a theme with it. This can be done on leather, as most of the expensive restaurants would prefer to have it. It could even be done on handmade paper or cloth to give it a more warm effect.

Selecting A Menu Cover Design

Selecting a design for a Menu Cover is a very creative aspect of the business. It is as creative as creating the interiors of the restaurant. There is no one sure-shot formula but there are a couple of things that one should keep in mind.

•    Go with the looks of the interiors. If you have kept your restaurant in earthly colors without anything flashy go for a similar tone for the covers.
•    What would majority of the crowd look like? Young boys and girls, office going people, elderly people, or children. This will help you decide the design and the material to use for a cover. In case of children you would definitely not like to go for a cloth or leather cover.
•    Would you be serving snacks, drinks, meals or maybe a combination of everything? Choose a design which goes with your offering as well. If the menu card is too bulky you would need a sturdy cover to hold it in place.

These are just a couple of points that can help you decide upon the kind of Menu Covers that could suit your restaurants. Once into the business there may be many more issues that you might come across, issues that you would not have thought of in the initial stages.