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One Thing We Often Forget: Being Motivational Managers

Managers, especially those who are running restaurants, are one of the busiest people in the world. Although we know the general principles in being a good and motivational manager, we are often caught up in the rush of our daily tasks and forget. We tend to forget the fact that 99% of our success depends on our people, and the best path towards achieving our targets is through them.

Getting the most out of our employees does not really mean all cash. Adapting the theory that more money means happy employees is truly a dangerous course to take—it would cost you your valuable time, revenue, your employees themselves, or your entire business. Compensation, of course, is and will always be a major factor in motivating employees; but smart restaurant management is realizing that it does not end there. There are many other ways to motivate restaurant staff, such as:

Being hands-on in your department. Inspiring managers are those who do not just stay in their office all day but takes time out to get out there, wear their restaurant aprons and get their hands dirty with their employees. When your staff sees that you work as hard as they do, they will try to do better. Being there would give you a chance to coach them on whatever it is that they need to improve on, and you’ll be able to see for yourself which areas they need to be trained for. Their respect for you increases, too.

Empowering them. Learning to trust your staff is a learned skill, especially if you are used to making the decisions by yourself. Empowering your employees in quality restaurant aprons to make decisions, give suggestions and giving them the freedom to solve little problems in their daily routines would help them think and work independently, and ultimately feel good about themselves–inspiring them to do better. Managers who do not make decisions for their employees but make group decisions with them turn out to be the most effective ones in driving their team to success. Doing this would also allow you to identify future promotable people.

Be sincere in connecting with them. It’s not an easy task, especially if you have many of them, but if you have to take notes, do so. Get to know them personally, talk to them about their likes, dreams, hobbies and families in a less formal setting. Once employees see that their boss is genuinely interested in their affairs, they will fight tooth and nail to make sure that everything goes well with the business. Having team building activities (that includes you) help attain this.

Recognize and applaud. When your staff accomplishes something, they have, in effect, achieved something. Recognition from the management creates miracles in terms of employee productivity, letting them know that they are appreciated. They feel good in knowing that their effort to make the company succeed is not left in vain. A simple applause does the trick, as well as simple rewards like plaques and trophies.

All these, along with a solid compensation in place, would aid you in building a healthy, productive atmosphere in your workplace. Motivated, inspired and driven employees act as a team in joining you in your attempts to reach higher restaurant sales, and in your efforts to attain your targets.