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Modern Aprons That Go With The Changing Chef Fashion

Bib-ApronAprons for chefs were basically designed to safeguard the chef’s clothes from stains, splatters and other kitchen messes. Moreover, this piece of clothing provides a sense of culinary pride. It prepares you to handle those knives and pans, and work on the ingredients to put together a lip-smacking recipe.

The standard crispy white chef uniform is a symbol of cleanliness, dexterity and quality service of a restaurant. Although the white color is replaced by black and other exciting shades in many restaurants, white still remains the favorite of chefs. It represents purity and excellence. It provides instant recognition to the chef and makes them feel they have arrived in the culinary world.

The modern aprons come in varied styles and colors to cater to the changing preferences of today’s chefs. Some restaurants completely want to do away with the white norm and add interesting elements to their uniform. Just as the chef’s coat, pant and hat has undergone a transformation, the chef’s apron has seen a massive shift from the regular style. Of course, the standard style persists.

Wholesale Aprons

You can get a huge collection of wholesale apron pieces or you can get them custom-made. They are available in appealing styles, with high durability and superior quality material that lets your skin breathe and keeps you cool in the kitchen.

The newest fad is the embroidery style aprons. Beautifully woven threads forming the logo or the name of the restaurant on the apron give a stylish look. You can get this at attractive discounts and even a 3-month guarantee. Pieces with screen-printing are also winning the hearts of culinary experts.

Chef’s Best Friend

Aprons form a vital component of a chef’s attire. The new spun poly apron pieces are getting popular because of the 100 percent cotton feel they provide. They require no ironing and last longer than their cotton counterparts last. You can easily machine wash them in warm water and tumble dry. These pieces of cloth provide a certain degree of resistance to stains.

While choosing an apron, you must check its fit. It should feature adjustable neck and back straps. A too tight apron can hinder your free movement in the kitchen. A too loose apron can prove dangerous, as it might catch fire or get stained with recipe ingredients. The correct choice of aprons can add to your fantastic experience of cooking in the kitchen.

Moreover, a uniform (including an apron) with a fine cut and fit enhances personality. It also speaks a lot about the person wearing it. A shabbily dressed chef may give the wrong impression that the restaurant has a shabby service and poor food, although it might not be true. That’s the reason restaurants emphasize their chefs’ uniforms. There are designers who create impressive and professional designs and cuts to render a neat and authentic look to the chefs in the kitchen.

Many people underestimate the importance of aprons and perceive it to be just an optional piece of clothing. However, the truth is that an apron is vital for a chef. It shows that the chef is concerned about cleanliness. Such a chef is bound to provide hygienic food to his or her customers.