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Menu Covers: Your Focal Point

Cafe Menu CoverAlthough menu covers may not be a primary consideration, they are very important for a restaurant. Imagine the scene: A customer enters your establishment and sits down. What’s the first thing they reach out for? The menu. A menu cover should not simply be practical but aesthetically pleasing too as it reflects your restaurant. There are a number of factors you should consider when picking out your menu covers.


Your finances will have a major impact on what you can actually choose. But, just because you have a low budget doesn’t mean that your menu covers have to look cheap. It’s still important to carefully consider the style and the materials you want.


What you want your menu covers to be made out of is a very important factor. This will be a real reflector of the personality of your establishment. For example, if you run a family bistro, cheap and cheerful plastic might be more to your liking. But, a Michelin Star restaurant would probably suit leather more. The ranges you have to choose from include:

•    plastic;

•    vinyl;

•    linen;

•    leather;

•    Imitation leather.


The style of your menu covers tends to rely on the material you decided on. Either way, there’s a wide range to choose from. One of the most popular types is the cafe menu cover. This is mainly because it’s easy to change should you need to. But, even within this type, there’s a variety of sizes and formats. In terms of pockets alone, you can choose from:

•    single pocket;

•    double picker;

•    double and a half pocket;

•    Triple pocket.

Another option is to be completely creative and get a tailor-made menu cover. This way you can create your own design and give it a very personal touch that completely reflects you restaurant. For example, through printing, offset printing, debossing, screen printing, and foil stamping.


After you’ve picked out the materials, colors, and designs, you want to make sure that the workmanship is the best. The idea is that your menus will be used a lot, so you need them to be durable with so much handling. This means that you need them to be put together well. There are a number of factors that worth considering:

•    Threading: This is how your menu is put together. Bonded thread is particularly beneficial because it’s bonded with resin which makes it stronger and protects the thread against a number of elements.

•    Corners: This is an area of menu covers which will suffer a lot. Therefore, it’s worth making sure that they’re strong. Metal, for example, is great against wear and tear.

•    Vinyl: This is liable to warp very quickly. Therefore, it’s well worth investing in the more expensive stuff.

Menu covers can be found in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials. Your menu cover should give a great first impression and reflect your establishment.

Your menu cover is one of the first things your customer will see. This means that it’s worth investing in the one that gives a great first impression. With such a range of styles and prices available, you should have no difficulty.