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Menu Covers – The Saviors of Restaurants

Cafe Menu CoverMenu covers create the first impression of an eating-place. They speak of the restaurant’s affordability and excellence. Earlier they were used to convey the details of the menu available but now they also reflect the brand, dignity, and décor of the place. A look at them helps customers judge and anticipate the quality and service of the restaurant. An eye-catching design that pleases the diner is most likely to encourage sales.

Menu covers are available in endless variety of designs and styles. The common cover materials include plastic, vinyl, leather, wood, metal, and fabric. Customized covers provide unlimited opportunities for creativity and aesthetic appeal adding to the brand value of the restaurant. The expensive ones generally emphasize the restaurant’s logo or the motif. The mid-range type or laminated covers may use the space for listing popular menu items, beverages and desserts.

An array of washable, wipeable, or disposable covers are available which cater to the varying types of food and budget of every restaurant. The washable ones are usually made of cotton or nylon fiber. The wipeable covers are made of plastic. Multi page covers protect all pages of the menu from spills and smudges. The disposable ones are of paper or plastic.

Quality Begets Durability

Use of special grade vinyl to manufacture menu covers is very important to ensure quality. Extra care is required to choose the binding that holds the menu cover together.

Unsupported binding will not last long. Use of quality thread with high tenacity provides superior strength, resistance to chemicals, bacteria, wear and tear, abrasion and sunlight. Single row of stitching is preferable over two rows of stitching.
Having metal corners adds to the quality and decorative value of restaurant menu covers. They provide extra grip and protection. Covers with turned edges add elegance.

Use of leather enhances the classic look. Vienna fabric, with its suede look and feel gives a special touch. Café style cover helps to change the paper menus and clean the vinyl with ease. The extra pockets increase the stiffness of the menu card.


Keeping menu covers clean is very essential. Besides hygiene and neat appearance, proper cleaning improves their life. The most suitable cleaning agents are the Quaternary sanitizers as they are less harmful overall to all elements of the cover. Citrus-based cleaners eat away the plastic and weaken the stitching very fast. Solutions that contain bleach are best avoided to prevent discoloration of the plastic.

Proper storage of menu covers is also important. Storing them in constantly changing temperatures leads to cracking or warping. A suitable temperature for storing is between 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Direct exposure to sunlight degrades vinyl causing discoloration, warping and cracking. It is best to store them by laying them flat. Storing them upright may cause abrasion on the binding, split corners and cause scratches on the vinyl.

The triumph of any business lies in customer satisfaction. Menu covers though seemingly insignificant, play a big role in achieving this. They perform the important function of visually introducing the restaurant to the customer. Their design, material and color scheme communicate a lot about the eating-place. A good quality menu cover reinforces the worth of the restaurant, sending right signals to the diner. Undoubtedly, it forms an indispensible part of an effective sales package.