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Menu Covers That Suit Your Restaurant Theme

Bonded Leather Menu CoversEach and every restaurant has its own menu covers, but creating the one that leaves a lasting impression on customers is an art as well as science. What to include, what not to include, how to describe the cuisines, looks, and material of a menu cover are important decisions before getting them printed. Though you can’t judge the quality of food in a restaurant by a menu cover, but yes, you can get an idea how specific they are in their services.

Just imagine how would you feel if you go to a good brand restaurant and see a torn or dirty menu cover? Obviously, it leaves a bad impression on customers. It is always up to a restaurateur to establish his own brand by taking care of each and every thing that leaves a mark on customers; be it menu covers, food, or services. Everything plays an important role in establishing and maintaining your image in the market.

These days, several different types of menu covers are available in the market. You can choose one of them depending upon the ambience and theme of your restaurant, and obviously, your budget. As it is a long-term investment and your restaurant’s image depends on it, you can think of spending a little high amount on getting excellent menu covers made for your restaurant.

A menu cover can be of several different types and can be used for different purposes. Usually leather, paper, and plastic are used. Leather covers give your menu a rich look, whereas plastic covers are long-lasting. A paper cover can be used where every day or every week there is a change in menu, or some new scheme is being introduced for a very short period. Each of them has their own importance. Depending upon your requirements, you can select any one of them or a combination of two or all. These days, they can be made of several different materials, including canvas, fabric, vinyl, or cork. You can also craft your own design.

The menu cover should be very appealing to customers and so should have the cuisine description. Moreover, it should be able to protect the menu pages from wear and tear or damage. The type of menu covers depends on the type of restaurant. If it is a high-range restaurant, they should be extremely elegant. If your restaurant bears a historical ambience or theme, consider canvas menu covers with rich colors. That will be ideal for your restaurant.

Plastic menu cover is a good option if yours is a fast food restaurant, especially for kids and youngsters. If it is a mid-price restaurant, you can think of using a combination of leather and paper. If you offer pizzas, burgers, pastas, pastries, and introduce new scheme frequently, a combination of plastic and paper can be considered. Lamination of the menu pages is a good idea.

Creating menu covers that perfectly go with the theme of your restaurant is an art. You need to try different permutations and combinations and select the best out of them. A menu cover is the first thing that gives an idea of the food, variety, and service of a restaurant.