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Menu Covers Mirror Your Restaurant Brand

Bonded Leather Menu CoversYou could be looking for menu covers to replace your existing ones or might be buying a fresh set for your new restaurant. The fact remains that menu covers though a seemingly small item does a lot to add to the ambiance of your restaurant. The restaurant business is cut throat, and unless you carefully select each item with utmost care, the establishment may well see a dent in the number of clientele.

Customers are a fastidious lot, especially when it comes to dining out. And why not? Taking their family out to dinner to a restaurant is pricey enough, so why should they compromise on ambiance and flavor. One of the first items customers’ notice  after being seated at a table is the menu card, so it is but natural that menu cards must be eye- catching and classy. No wonder restaurant owners who are particular about their image take great pains in selecting a menu card that is appealing to the customer at the very first glance.

Let us look at the menu cards which are the stylish, chic, elegant and are popular in high-end restaurants.

Here are two examples of some classy menu cover types that adorn fashionable and refined eating establishments.

Leather Menu Covers

Leather has always been known for its rich soft texture, so naturally it adds a lot of value to the look of menu covers. It is not surprising that many fine dining restaurants have leather menu covers.  In addition to giving an expensive look, leather creates a type of fascination.  Moreover, they are durable and can last up to two to four years. You can even add logos that are custom made to display your establishment’s name. Another advantage of leather is that the spills and stains can be removed easily.

Fabric Covers

Fabric menu covers have a uniqueness that stands out on its own. It displays food and other choices with a flair that reflects on the restaurant owners’ fine taste. In addition, these types of covers are quite durable since they are made of fabric. It does not matter, whether the fabric is silk, linen or washable book cloth.  What matters is the style you choose. The quality covers even if expensive will more than compensate the extra cost by adding extra years in durability. The enduring ones are those, which are made of heavy-duty washable book cloth and are double stitched.

If you are feeling lost in trying to select the right type of menu covers for your restaurant or café, you can come out of the predicament by consulting a designer. Graphic designers are capable of providing good suggestions to suit your establishment. On the other hand, if you are creative enough, you can approach the design yourself in myriad ways. The nature of food you serve and the choice of wines in your cellar can ignite plenty of ideas. After all, your style is the harbinger of your brand name. Menu covers displays discriminating taste that adds fillip by promoting your restaurant, bar or café. Therefore, it pays to work hard to buy ones that have a stamp of class and appeal.